Tsavliris Cultural Foundation

The Foundation’s Philosophy

The Tsavliris Cultural Foundation in accordance to the vision of its Founder, Greek shipowner Mr.George A. Tsavliris, is dedicated to the spiritual and artistic creation of our times.

Based on the island of Cyprus, it constitutes a private Foundation that began its journey in the fall of 2015.

Its philosophy is reflected in tis logo, an impression sketch of an ancient Cypriot Oinochoe (wine jug) that bears on its outer surface the depiction of a ship. The combination of a ceramic vessel and a ship symbolizes the ancient journey to Hellenic civilization and its ecumenical trajectory.

As the ancient triremes carried the goods of culture at the four corners of the then known world, symbolically the Tsavliris Foundation continues the same journey transporting the modern goods of Hellenic civilization to today’s world.

The sea-going Hellenism always crosses the seas in its effort to know the world and itself through this journey. This is the aim of art and civilization: the knowing of ourselves and of the others, the constructive dialogue and the passing on of knowledge and experiences.

The ancient vessel with the travelling ship transporting the Hellenic civilization and bequeathing it to the whole oecumene (world) constitutes the seal of the identity of the Tsavliris Cultural Foundation.

Aims and Objectives

The aims of the Tsavliris Cultural Foundation are inspired and emanate from its willingness to support and promote the spiritual and artistic creativity of people who, through their work contribute to the questioning and quest for a better, spiritual and humane society such as: artists, intellectuals, thinkers on civilization, society, education and spiritual culture.

Harvesting the plethora of the fruitful work of these creators, the Foundation collects and delivers to society a new and rich ingathering of spiritual food made from works of literature, visual arts, music, theatre, history, archaeology, folk art and tradition.